Preschoolers are naturally curious learners, so teaching early math lessons at this age can be fun. There are a lot of daily hands-on activities and games that incorporate math naturally without any worksheetsPreschoolers learn best through play and hands-on interaction, so these at-home math activities for preschoolers will get your child engaged while soaking up a variety of age-appropriate math skills including: 

  • Learning about numbers by counting objects 
  • Sorting and categorizing objects 
  • Identifying and naming circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals 
  • Finding and creating patterns  
  • Comparing objects of different sizes and lengths  

1. Bath Math 

Use 1-cup, 1/2-cup, 1/3-cup, and 1/4-cup measuring cups during bath time for scooping and pouring water. Watch as your child experiments to see how much each cup can hold! 

2. Cupcake Sorting 

Use a cupcake tin to have your child sort small household items such as pom-poms, paper clips, cereal, buttons, plastic shapes, coins, play dough, and more. Sort by colors, sizes, and shapes! 

This game can also be played with this adorable set of Three Bear Family Counters. 

3. Shapes Scavenger Hunt 

In your home, hunt for things that are circles, squares, triangles, ovals, and rectangles! Draw what you find! 

4. Numbered Balloons 

Blow up 10 balloons and use a marker to number the balloons 1 to 10. Then hide them around the house. Now challenge your preschooler to find all 10 balloons in order, starting with 1 and making their way to 10. For example, if they find number 5 first, they should leave it in place until they find numbers 1 through 4. Once all the balloons are found they can have fun playing balloon games such as keeping it moving and away from the floor!  

5. Grocery Store  

Have your child select different household items to play grocery store and place all the items in a bag. You can either use real money, or choose this collection of paper money to pretend play! 

6. Counting Buckets  

Set up large Tupperware® containers or buckets spaced about 1 ft. apart and have your child throw different-sized balls or beanbags into the buckets. Count how many they can get in. 

7. Outdoor Counting 

Using sidewalk chalk write the numbers 1 to 10 on the driveway or sidewalk. Ask your child to collect objects from nature such as pine cones, rocks, leaves, etc. Challenge them to put the correct number of the nature objects under the numbers.  

8. Pattern Towers  

Using Lego® Duplo® bricks, colored blocks or Snap Cubes® show your child an AB Pattern using 2 alternating colors such as blue, red, blue, red. Ask them to extend the pattern. What color would come next? How tall of a pattern tower can they build? You can use this same game to explore more complex patterns.  

9. Counting Using Die 

Using a die or any small object to count such as cereal, pom poms, buttons, Three Bear Family counters, etc., and cups you can create an engaging math game. If you have 2 players place 20 of the small objects in front of each player. Player 1 rolls the die and counts that many objects, then places them in their cup. Player 2 repeats. The first player to get all their objects in the cup wins! Children can play this on their own and have fun rolling and counting!  

10. Bottle Counting 

Using 10 empty plastic bottles, label each with a number 1 through 10. Using small household items such as pom-poms, paper clips, cereal, buttons, etc., ask your child to put the correct number of objects in each bottle. You can also make this a sorting activity by color coding each bottle and have your child count and sort the objects by color.  

Abbie Ellis
Abbie Ellis

I am a Product Manager at hand2mind and a mother to an active 3-year-old boy. I have a passion for all things design, and I love incorporating that into the amazing educational products I work on every day at hand2mind! I studied Product Development at FIDM in Los Angeles and have enjoyed working on many different products over the past 10 years. I love coffee (all the coffee!), exploring the world with my husband and little one, cooking, and practicing yoga.

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