I’m thrilled to share a new product line to meet the needs of this challenging school year—Guided Math Single Student Workbooks and Manipulative Kits.


With the need for socially distanced schooling, we’ve adapted the Guided Math resources for safe, simple, and individual use. Introducing Guided Math Single Student Workbooks! Each Guided Math Single Student Workbook provides everything a student needs to complete the appropriate Guided Math unit. This convenient, all-in-one offering includes 19 lessons in a unit along with perforated workbook pages and card sets. Students have everything they need to be successful in any learning environment – remote, in-person, or hybrid!


Let’s take a look inside this new resource to see how it can meet the needs of our new way of learning. The biggest difference is that now students will have their own set of ready-to-use cards, blacklines, and lessons in their workbook. They simply tear out the perforated page and get hands-on with the materials in the lesson. The Manipulative Kits have all the concrete learning items for students. As educators, we know how crucial it is for students to explore math in the concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Socially distanced learning has made this experience a burden on the teacher or at times an impossibility. I’m thrilled to be able to provide a solution allowing students to authentically explore math concepts even at a distance.


If you’re teaching Guided Math remotely, the Single Student Workbooks include all materials necessary for your at-home learners. Students can follow along and interact with your math minilessons and small group lessons using the same manipulatives and cards as if they were right there with you!


For teachers juggling both in-person and remote learners, the Single Student Workbooks create consistency across both teaching platforms. The teacher has a versatile resource to bring both school experiences together as one.  Traditional Guided Math Kits allow for the in-person learners to work hands-on, while the Single Student Workbooks allow for the remote learners to have the same experience.


Our home school and learning pod populations now have a simple solution.  Bring the effective guided math learning structure to the home. Students can experience the hands-on math minilessons followed up by targeted instructional practice. Using the Single Student Workbook means that every lesson is ready to go just for one student or for their small group pod.


To order Single Student Workbooks or Manipulative Kits for your students, you can visit the hand2mind website or reach out to your local hand2mind representative. I’m always here to help answer your questions as well!

There is no onesizefitsall solution. You will ultimately need to experiment to find what works best in your home with your leaner. With this, I wish you the best of luck on a new school year! 

If you’d like to have more information on the traditional Guided Math Kits you can find that HERE on the hand2mind website.

Reagan Tunstall
Reagan Tunstall

Reagan Tunstall is an educational consultant, public speaker, and teacher resources developer. Leveraging over 18 years of teaching experience, Reagan leads districts, schools, and teachers in the implementation of math standards through guided math practices. Her passion for teaching is evident in her idea-packed resources that support teachers and engage and make students the center of learning. Learn more about Reagan on her blog, Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits.

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