It’s time to unplug from the electronics and check out these 10 fun, hands-on learning crafts that your kids will love! When kids learn something through an activity or craft they remember it longer, process it more fully, and have a ton more fun. These craft and learning activities make the perfect afterschool, rainy day, or “Mom, I’m bored” activity too!  Reading, writing, STEM, science, and so many other things can be learned through play. And what makes these activities even more fun is that kids of different ages can learn and play together. Read on to learn more! 

Community Helper Coloring Page

Have your child color the sheet to learn about Community Helpers in your neighborhood. Talk about who they are and why they are important, while sparking your child’s creative skills! 

Sound Surprise

  1. Using 3 paper towel or toilet paper holders, wrap a paper towel or small piece of construction paper around 1 end of it with a rubber band. 
  2. Then fill 1 holder with uncooked rice, 1 holder with pom-poms, and 1 holder with marbles. 
  3. You can try other items too such as feathers, paper clips, cereal, buttons, etc. 
  4. Wrap a paper towel or small piece of construction paper around the other end with a rubber band. 
  5. Now have your child shake each one and compare different sounds. Which is the loudest? Which is the softest? 

Paper Puppets

Another fun craft idea is paper puppets! Using brown paper sacks make different puppets using a variety of craft supplies. Collect images of characters from your favorite bookor have your child draw their own. Add pipe cleaners to form the bodies, glue on googly eyes, use string for silly mouths, and then attach to craft sticks with classroom glue or glue dots. Then, have your child put on a puppet show! 

Mini Garden

Your child will enjoy making his/her very own mini garden with simple supplies. Using a fabric scrap, line it with a piece of recycled plastic bag. Then fill it with a half cup of soil and a sprinkle of wildflower seeds. They can tie it with a ribbon and present it as a gift to someone, or they may want to scatter their garden-to-go in the backyard or in a soil-filled container. Just make sure to water the soil frequently so you can watch the flowers bloom! 

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Have your child decorate a reusable canvas tote with fabric paint for a craft project that doubles as a hands-on lesson in conservation! A further green twist: add DIY stamps using adhesive foam and recycled bottle caps and jar lids. 

DIY Potpourri

Your child will love transforming discarded orange peels and spices into potpourri. Along the way, he/she will learn about dehydration, rehydration, and evaporationSimply take the peels of an orange and place small pieces onto a paper towel. Next, cover the pieces with another paper towel and let them dry out for 34 days. Once theyre fully dry, place them onto a square piece of plastic from a freezer-sizedplastic bag. Add 2 bay leaves, 2 cinnamon sticks snapped in half, 6 cloves, and 12 allspice berries. Take the corners of the plastic and twist them together to create a satchel, and then wrap a rubber band around the top. You can even add a colorful ribbon and give it as a gift!  

Galaxy Putty

This fun science craft is a crowd pleaser! Mixing up a batch of glittery dough is a fun project for a discussion of the properties of matter and how those change when substances come together. Combine one cup flour, a half-cup salt, two tablespoons cream of tartar, one cup water, and food coloring. Warm the mixture over medium heat until it forms a doughy ball. Knead in glitter when cool and presto, your child has made galaxy putty!  

Family Handprints

This easy paper craft is sure to connect your family in a fun way. Using construction paper, have each one of your family members trace their hands. Next, cut out each of the hands. Once you have them cut out, stagger them so each hand can be seen, but glue them at the wrists. Each member of the family can decorate their hands to best express their individuality!  

Paper Plate Haircuts

This is one of the easiest and silliest paper craft activities for your child. Simply take a paper plate and have your child draw a silly face on it using markers or crayons. Then to create hair, have your child use safety kid scissors to cut small strips about 12 inches down from the top. Not only does using scissors help to strengthen fine motor skills, the silly face will be sure to make them smile! 

Caterpillar Pom-poms

Using green construction paper, have your child cut out a leaf. Using a dark green marker, draw the lines of the leaf (your child may need your help with this part). Next, using white school glue, glue on googly eyes and several pompoms for the caterpillar’s body. This cute caterpillar is a fun paper craft that you can keep around your house throughout the year! 

Laurie Honza
Laurie Honza

Over 20 years ago, I fell in love with developing educational toys and tools and continue to honor this career at hand2mind while raising my family alongside my husband. As a mom of 2 boys, a 3- and 11-year old, I love seeing and experiencing life through their eyes: playing outdoors, exercising, sharing, reading, baking, and shopping (I’m very frugal and seek out the best deals!). Beyond that, my life mantra is pretty simple: Play. Learn. Laugh. Love. Oh, and eat lots of dark chocolate.

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